10 things about technology you need to know today

Do you have an Amazon Alexa device? Check out this update by searching for “Business Insider” in your Flash Briefing Settings. Robinhood explained why he stopped trading GameStop. The company said that inventory requirements had increased tenfold in a week and that certain inventory purchases needed to be blocked to “conveniently” meet the security requirements of SEC-registered clearing houses. Huawei executives retweeted fake accounts to advance the company’s 5G agenda. Kevin Liu, a manager for Europe, shared 60 posts from fake accounts, the New York Times reported. The Reddit user behind the GameStop player is a 34 year old American named Keith Gill. Before his net worth exploded, Gill worked in marketing for Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co., according to the Wall Street Journal. Exclusive: YouTuber Zoella has been removed from school supplies in the UK. A letter Insider received from the AQA Examination Board said parents and teachers had raised concerns about the more adult-oriented content. Xiaomi sued US government officials. The lawsuit concerns President Donald Trump’s decision to blacklist him, which would block U.S. investment. The most active US groups on Facebook are plagued by issues such as hatred. According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook has been debating for months how groups can be brought under control. Hyundai executives are wary of Apple. Some executives are reluctant to become contract manufacturers for the US tech giant, a manager familiar with the internal talks told Reuters. US technology investments in Europe are expected to continue the trend in 2021. US venture capital firms invested $ 28 billion in Europe last year and continue to view the continent as a source of cheap business. Exclusive: Facebook has hired its first Chief Compliance Officer. Henry Moniz, who worked at ViacomCBS and its predecessor Viacom for over a decade, will be on Facebook next month. We have listed the most important European lobbyists for Google. Google is under increasing pressure in Europe, where regulators are limiting the performance of its platform.

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