5 quick reasons why you should plan a trip to Moscow this summer

Russian summer starts in June and now is a great time to travel to Moscow and St. Petersburg! These two important places make a trip to Russia worthwhile! Lately it has become easier to travel to Russia. And here’s why !!! 1) Visa processing time is 3-4 working days. Many travel sources have stated that they need enough time to travel to Russia. It may take multiple visits to a Russian visa center to get it right. No more! The visa procedure has been simplified! Basic documents such as pre-booking a hotel and receiving a travel voucher (invitation letter) from the hotel are required. Hotels process these vouchers pretty quickly. When booking a hotel, read the fine print of the price you will pay to be issued a tourist voucher. Vouchers for hotels and hostels are registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and can be issued within one day. Write to the hotel directly, even if you book a hotel through one of the travel portals. This is the fastest way to connect and inquire.