Alligator survived the Berlin WWII bombing show in Moscow

The Alligator is believed to be owned by Adolf Hitler, who died at the age of 84, and has invested in Moscow. The Darwin Museum of Art says a crocodile called Saturn was given a public feed in a few months at the Moscow Zoo. “Saturn’s entry into the eternal show is the culmination of a six-month tour of our museum and museum,” he said in a statement. The museum said experts began work in May, treating Saturn’s scales with a unique solution. Born in the United States in 1936, Saturn was transported to a Berlin zoo where he escaped on November 23, 1943, after a bomb attack that killed several other moving objects. In 1946 he was captured by British troops and handed over to Soviet authorities. His position during the three years was “mysterious”, the Moscow Zoo said when Saturn died on May 24. When Saturn was brought to Moscow in July 1946, rumors began to spread that he was part of Adolf Hitler’s capture. , the zoo said. Museums in Russia are closed until 16 May as part of efforts to reduce the spread of coronavirus.