Applied under writers snaps up Okoloma Ltd

The paper documents under the declaration that the owner of the Guest House, the North American Embassy, ​​has completed the acquisition of the Oklahoma Property Company and the Casualty Insurance Company (OP&C), the most influential historian in history. OP&C and Texas Insurance Company (TIC). OP&C spends TIC so much on North American Casualty Co.’s home business. also handles job postings in the US. Supporting OP&C products at TIC is the latest in a series of proven format that is essential for Applied developers under the North American Casualty team. Jamie Sahara, chairman of the Applied Underwriters and one of the most influential figures in the industry, spoke about the day Applied was calling for TIC to expand its E&S campaign to support Applied’s understanding program on the part of other organizers. under Applied Specialty Underwriters and Applied Financial Lines. Read more: Posted by Surgeons Completes Centauri Recruitment “What a surprise, our high-powered OP&C label is financed in the South Central region as we are investing in TIC in the best possible way and top up , ”said Sahara. “We are pleased to announce that OP&C is in the North American Casualty Group, including California Insurance Company, Continental Indemnity Company, Illinois Insurance Company, Texas Insurance Company, Pennsylvania Insurance Company, Oklahoma. Property and Casualty Insurance Company. ”Steve Menzies, President of Applied Underwriters, said,“ Everyone has my praise for the achievements of the respected industry as well as the enthusiasts who accept us in our resilient job postings to see Encouragement products are for the benefit of the people and then for the benefit of all. “We’re really looking forward to seeing you. I want to give you everything about my quality.”

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