Avoya Travel launches new communication technology within Avoyaplatform

Avoya Travel, one of the travel industry’s most innovative brands, recently launched new communication technology as part of the Avoya platform named Avoya Conversations. Avoya Conversations offers Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network the option to communicate with customers via text message through an easy-to-use system that is integrated into Avoya’s patented SaaS technology, Agent Power. The initial rollout of the new technology features text messaging, while future phases will include various fully integrated communication options including live chat, third party apps like WhatsApp, and more.

Avoya Conversations is designed to be a traveler-centric service aimed at offering communication options based on each traveler’s individual communication preferences (e.g. text, email, phone, etc.). The integration of the technology into Avoya’s platform allows for real-time communication through the Agent Power CRM, where travelers and Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network can connect directly. With Avoya Conversations, Independent Agencies have the ability to communicate from one interface on any device of their choosing (e.g. computer, phone, or tablet) and the conversations between the Independent Agency and the client are tied to the traveler record in Agent Power, creating efficiencies for the Avoya Network and even more personalized service for travelers.

Avoya Conversations is an important step in Avoya Travel’s plan to become the number one vacation platform.Avoya Conversations is just the tip of the iceberg for the future of vacation planning and giving Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network the ability to co-plan vacations with our mutual customers,said Michael Anderson, Co-President of Avoya Travel.Avoya Conversations opens the door to a world of possibilities for communication technology between Independent Agencies and travelers. The fully integrated technology creates a seamless experience for both user groups and is designed to be synergistic with Avoya’s award-winning technology to create even more efficiencies in the selling process, which ultimately leads to more sales.

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By fully integrating the new technology into Avoya’s platform, Independent Agencies will have access to complete communication history with customers and have the ability to document a customer’s record or specific trips with the communications that take place in Avoya Conversations. With all communications and customer history housed together conveniently within Avoya’s proprietary CRM, Independent Agencies can continue offering world-class service even more effectively.

Avoya is already receiving extremely positive feedback from Independent Agencies that have used the new technology during its beta phase and have already attributed new sales to the new technology.Clients expect a fast response to their needs and Avoya Conversations gives me another resource to meet that expectation, said Kevin Vance, Owner of Vance World Travel, a Member of the Avoya Network.This new system gives me the opportunity to review all incoming communications quickly and all the information I need, including contact info, is right there on the conversation screen. Every client’s preferences are different; the more options we have to communicate with the client the better we can serve their needs.

Avoya Conversations is planned to move out of beta testing and rolled out to the entire Avoya Network by the end of the first quarter of 2021