Battling chicken executes police boss in Philippine assault

A Philippine cop was killed during a strike on an unlawful cockfight after a chicken’s cutting edge cut his femoral course, an authority said Tuesday.

Cockfighting is a mainstream blood sport in the archipelago where cash is wagered on the result of a battle – frequently until the very end – between two bright flying creatures outfitted with bladed spikes.

It has been restricted alongside other wearing and social functions during the Covid pandemic to keep huge groups from get-together and spreading the infection.

Monday’s monstrosity mishap in the focal region of Northern Samar happened when Lieutenant Christian Bolok got a battling chicken as he assembled proof of the unlawful function.

Its sharp edge struck his left thigh and he seeped to death, commonplace police boss Colonel Arnel Apud said.

“It was a grievous mishap and a bit of misfortune that I can’t clarify,” Apud said.

“I was unable to trust it when it was first answered to me. This is the first run through in my 25 years as a police officer that I lost a man because of a battling cockerel’s spike.”

Three individuals were captured and two battling cocks seized alongside two arrangements of spikes in the attack in San Jose town where Bolok was the police boss, Apud added.