Biden takes Indian-American Vivek Murthy as General Surgeon

Washington: U.S. Biden has nominated COVID-19 adviser Dr. Vivek Murthy as its next Secretary-General, a position they were appointed to during the Obama administration and refused to leave suddenly during the administration. Call now, according to a media report. The 43-year-old Indian-American doctor is one of the three chairmen of BIDen’s BIDen Advisory Committee. ‘Vivek H Murthy, a former surgeon in the United States has been asked to return to work with an extended form in the new government,’ The Washington Post reported on Thursday, quoting someone familiar with the decision. A announcement is expected soon in this regard. The surgeon has worked for four years and is the highest-ranking medical professional in the country. Jerome Adams is the Surgeon General. Murthy is expected to be part of a group of health care providers who have accused Biden of facing a crisis that will be his first when he enters the government, according to sources familiar with the matter, reports said. He was appointed as Surgeon on December 15, 2014, when approved by a 51-43 Senate vote. He was fired on April 21, 2017, by President Donald Trump. Politico on Thursday reported that Murthy will return to work, but with a broad mandate that will include acting as the top medical and public health professional of the effort. The next president of the consulting firm, Jeff Zients, will serve as White House director of COVID-19, the report said.