Biden warns of obstacles to the transition of Trump officials

President-elect Joe Biden warns of massive damage to the national security apparatus by the Trump administration and of “roadblocks” in communications between agency officials and their transition team that could undermine the safety of Americans. Speaking in Wilmington, Delaware, on Monday, Biden said his team had been “hindered” by “political leaders” in the Department of Defense and the Bureau of Administration and Budget in order to gather the information necessary to continue the shift in power. “Right now we just don’t get all of the information we need from the outgoing administration in key areas of national security. In my opinion it’s nothing less than irresponsibility, ”said Biden.


  1. Politics… Trump sometimes behave like a Nigerian Politician

  2. Finally they succeeded removing trump as the elect president. Biden has come to implement some bad things which trumps refuse to do. Biden Just Be Saying Anyhow, I guess barrack Obama is using Joe biden.

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