Biden’s Chinese policies are about to be as assertive as Trump’s, but much more effective

Before the end of their term in office, the Trump administration tried to label the new Biden administration as gentle on China. If you expected some sort of “reset” between Beijing and Washington when the Biden government took over, you will be disappointed. America’s Chinese policies under President Joe Biden are likely to be as assertive as they were under President Donald Trump, but much more effective. have made it clear that they are trying to implement as many radical Chinese policies as possible. For example, on January 9, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ended the restrictions on contact between U.S. and Taiwanese officials. These restrictions have existed since Beijing-Washington relations were resumed in the 1970s. China regards Taiwan as part of its territory – which makes Taipei’s leadership impermissible in Beijing’s eyes – and has declared any US interference in the country. Domain is a “red line”. These steps were taken, in part, to force the policies of the new Biden administration onto a more aggressive course. But it was probably unnecessary. Biden previously signaled that he will continue to work with Taiwan by inviting Taiwan’s envoy to the United States when he was inaugurated – the first time since 1979 that a Taiwanese envoy was asked to take the oath.