Boston Travel Guide: What you need to know about moving to Boston as a tourist

Moving day is getting closer! When boxes all over the living room don’t know where to fill a spoon, traveling can be frustrating. Boston – let’s go. But before you go, you need a few facts about your new home. Here are the top five things to know when moving to Beantown. Boston is a Big City While the word “beefy” isn’t the only term used to describe Beantown, it is one of them. As for the city limits, the city is not that big. However, there are approximately 6.4 million people in the greater Boston area. It doesn’t end there. The city has a quarter of a million students and has been named “Athens of the United States”. But “big” doesn’t always mean the city has awful travel times. Be sure to pack your comfortable shoes as one of the nicknames is “The Walking City”. Boston is a noisy city. All of those 6.4 million people make it – most of them downtown. There are many good reasons to move to Boston, such as the growing financial industry, fantastic educational institutions, and a thriving medical research project. They have the highest percentage of jobs per square mile in the country. The city is also just a stone’s throw from New York, another major capital. When you think of the number of tourists who make Boston their vacation destination each year, the population of over 6 million pales in comparison. Hosts in Boston (are you ready for this?) Over 18 million tourists annually.

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