Buzzwords in resume you should avoid and remove

Sure, you’re a hard-working innovator with excellent communication skills – unfortunately, almost all job seekers you compete with, at least according to their resumes. It’s time to differentiate from hacked sequels that have zero weight in the eyes of a recruiter or hiring manager.

See this list of graduate words and phrases you should avoid as you continue, as well as some tips on how to make better use of valuable assets in your job application material. Hardworking What do you think it says, “I’m dedicated to doing my job well.” Of course you are hardworking! Even if you aren’t, you’re not like to admit something else on your resume. Prove it instead of saying the obvious.

Give concrete examples of how to go the extra mile. Better keywords: Add the word “achieved” and write examples of your accomplishments. For example, you could say, “Sales target achieved for three consecutive years with reduced staff.” This shows that you and your employees are diligent in avoiding it directly. Creative / out of the box / innovative What do you think it says: “I have good new ideas.” When it comes to continuing buzzwords, these three tend to give the most sighs.

If you could really think outside the box, you can express it without needing a cliché. These job statements can actually weaken your case if you don’t back them up.

You can really showcase your creativity by sharing examples of how you developed and implemented new ideas or processes. If you work in a creative field, such as advertising or web design, you can reach industry awards that can serve as an external confirmation of the uniqueness of your work. Better engine: Include the word “created”.

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It shows that you have produced something new and original. An excellent communicator What do you think it says: “I know how to talk and listen to people do things.”

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