Cat eats Malaysian student’s diploma, photo goes viral on Twitter

Carrying more than a dog eating school chores, a cat in Malaysia contracted a popular Twitter scam yesterday while eating on his master’s college mat. In 22 months, Twitter user Afif Adlan Bin Mohammad Hanafiah, who received a degree in economics, finance, and work from the University of Nottingham in July, along with a photo of his credentials, has made his debut. Surprisingly, @ mamblonumber5 tweeted: “My cat You ate my understanding. Of all the useless books in my room, you get the point! ”He also shared a photo of a murderous girl, Micah. Thousands of Twitter users have a genuine love for the post, while many even share similar stories of their pets destroying important books. Twitter user @VicsLit from California says her dog sold her certificate the most time she needed it. He wrote: “My dog ​​ate (my certificate) last week before I went abroad which proved as proof to complete my enrollment for the graduation program,” he wrote.