China to execute moon soft landing

Chang’e-5 researcher climbs a distance from his sight and returns at 4:40 p.m. BJT on Monday, according to a statement from the Chinese Space Agency (CNSA) on the same day. The four modules, including the landlord, the ascending, rotating and the moon detector, are working on two, and are scheduled to be launched this week. The media said that the landlord and the landlord are waiting for the perfect time for the fall, while the surrounding elements and return will continue to fly around the moon and change the desired situation, and preparation for fall. and the caller. The fall is expected in three days. Once you touch the moon, the earth will receive two kilograms of symbolic moon. It will remove some of the surface material, excavate a 2 meter deep well and excavate the earth from it, which will act as a newspaper, and record it from a billion years ago, at a remote height taa. Once the objects are stored, the climber will go out on the moon to rotate the moon gauge on the entry capsule waiting in orbit around the moon, which will bring them back to Earth. The model for the removal of a climber from the moon should be completed within 48 hours, according to Liu Jiangang, director of law enforcement in Beijing.

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