CMU Australia Scholarships for International Students

Scholarship Description: Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Australia is offering CMU Australia Scholarships to international students starting August 2020 to eligible students from Asia, South America and Africa completing Master’s degrees from Carnegie Mellon University Australia students can attend Carnegie Mellon University Complete master’s programs. Available Subjects: The following subjects are available as part of this scholarship program. Public Policy IT Business Intelligence Data Analysis Benefits of the Scholarship: The scholarship is valued at AUD 30,000 for the duration of the 21-month Masters and AUD 20,000 for the duration of the 12-month Masters. Eligible nationalities: All international students from Asia, South America and Africa Selection criterion: Students who are eligible for a scholarship must meet the following criteria: Citizen of an Asian country, South America or Africa degree, 12 months or 21 months admission to a master’s degree -Course of CMU Australia from August 2020 Accept the letter of offer from CMU Australia and pay the deposit on time. Students who are citizens or permanent residents of Australia or New Zealand are not eligible. This scholarship is not valid in conjunction with any other CMU Australia scholarship or any other state scholarship, including, but not limited to, the Endeavor and Australian Awards scholarships. Students must remain enrolled during their full-time study and adhere to CMU Australia’s guidelines on academic progression. In the event of premature termination of the master’s degree, he can be asked to repay the awarded scholarship.

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