Complete guide to migrating from Australia to Canada as tourists

When an Australian packs his bags and becomes an immigrant to Canada, it seems easy. The two countries share a common language, similar economic structures and models of government and the same ethnic composition of the population. Every state has banknotes that represent the queen. However, immigration is not as straightforward as it seems. For an Australian citizen planning to immigrate to Canada, it is important to understand that obtaining Canadian citizenship is complicated and that there are important differences between the two countries. Similarities and Differences An Australian citizen should only accept immigration from Australia to Canada if they are sure of the reasons for planning their life in the cold north of the world. While there are similarities between Australia and Canada, there are also some important differences. The dominant culture in both countries is Judaism and Christianity, while the economies are capitalist and politics are more liberal. This means that citizens have the right to education and health care, but still have to find work independently and cannot use state facilities on public holidays. Provinces Most states in Australia have a level of autonomy that you may not find in Canadian provinces. As a result, a region like Quebec has a large deficit and, unlike a province like British Columbia, is dependent on taxes from the rest of the country.