COVID-19: The Los Angeles area has about 30000 new cases on a two-day basis

The number of coronavirus cases and disabled associations in the Los Angeles area continues to increase during the first three-week courses of the week. The four-year-old’s responsiveness was the first of its kind. De 30000 cas. Responses to signal 29423 new coronavirus data from Noël et samedi combined. Responses to communication that the number of providers available today in the event of an interruption to Internet service in L.A. Zone by Spectrum. The agendas of these places on the eagle signal 136 dexès sur la période de deux jours. In the past two weeks, a total of 14,000 new coronavirus cases per day and 88 days per COVID-19 per day have been registered. The Los Angeles area received a total of 707,000 coronaviruses and a total of 9,440 units. The hot spots are always close together. There is a significant increase in oxidative stress, which is essential to the treatment of patients with COVID-19 who have been exposed to the cause of leukemia encephalitis by the virus. The emergency services offer special services with which ambulance attendants who are supposed to deliver patients or are part of the hospital staff in the hospital.

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