DAAD Scholarship in Germany for Post Graduate

Important Note: Scientists of the German Business Administration (DAAD) provide foreign high school students with development in developed countries through all training and at least two years of professional experience have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a prominent German state or a city, but in other cases to obtain a doctorate degree, and to obtain a master’s / PhD degree in Germany.

Foreign (s): German University offers higher education services related to the development of the Level / ground (study): Masters or PhD in Economics / Administration Administration / Political Science; Promoting Relationships; Technology and related sciences; Statistics; Local and regional council; Forestry marketing and technology; Education and environment; Medicine and Public Health; Health Science, Education and Law; and Media Marketing. See the full list of high school diplomas for 2022/2023.

Number of Scholarships: No Recommendation: Students with at least two years’ professional experience from the following countries: list of eligible countries Valid / entry / study period: Scholarships included monthly payments of 861 euros for high school students or 1,200 euros for doctoral candidates; payment for health insurance, accidents and self-insurance; such as travel expenses, unless in this country or other expenses cover this expenses. The study period is 12 to 24 months (depending on the industry) for Leaders and 42 months for PhD. Qualified to: • Work for public or state or private employers in developing countries and, as such, participate in the planning and implementation of policies and procedures

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