‘Democracy’: Biden seeks to unify the country

Joe Biden’s favorite will tell Americans on Monday that it is “democratic” as voters across the country voted for him in last month’s general election. In a statement from his long-term home of Wilmington, Delaware, Biden would like to guide Americans during the turmoil of the campaign and President Donald Trump’s refusal to accept victory. ‘If anyone doesn’t know you, we know you now. The thing that unites Americans is this: Democracy, ‘Biden decided to say, according to the details of his campaign statement. ‘Right to hear. To count your votes. Select the directors of this country. Let us govern ourselves. After winning more than $ 81 million, Biden is trying to speed up as he prepares to run for president in Jan. 20. But he faces a headline that Trump refuses to accept and instead pursues an unjust legal challenge rejected by judges in the political party, including judges in the Supreme Court.

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