Denmark introduces digital driving licence

Danish drivers are now allowed to obtain a digital driver’s license. As such, drivers can leave a driver’s license at home while using their vehicle, as long as they have a device that can display a digital model. The new driver’s license application, released on Tuesday, can be downloaded on smart phones with Android or iOS operating system. A digital license can be used as a valid ID form, such as a driver’s license, allowing you to compare the physical type, the Ministry of Housing and Transportation said in a statement. The application, ‘Kørekort’, will be downloaded if you need a user to log in using NemID, Denmark’s digital signature system. The digital driver’s license is activated by a personal passport scanner in the app, which uses a passport photo for a digital ID and lets you stay in a secure position from the user’s device. Other passports do not match the application, even the holder has a Danish driver’s license. That seems to be because the application uses the Danish personal registration information contained in the Danish passport only. Locals contacted the Agency for Digitized to ask if there were any ideas to make the application compatible with a foreign passport, but no response was received. When the police are given the right to drive a digital car, Denmark will be able to verify its authenticity using a QR code. This will allow the police to use their license, regardless of the driver installed or your phone. New driver’s licenses are an option, and such plastic will be retained, even if not taken in travel.

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