Election fraud liars struggle to avoid prosecution, but they cannot undo the damage they have caused

Trump-friendly media outlets like OAN and Newsmax have denied their allegations of election fraud. The mass illusion that widespread electoral fraud cost Donald Trump the 2020 election is not an overnight phenomenon. It took constant repetition for it to settle in the minds of Trump supporters. Whether it’s a Facebook meme, a conservative news network, or a right-wing conspiracy blog, the flood of lies resides in the minds of millions. Some of those consumed by these lies have stormed the Capitol; Many more say they no longer believe in American democracy. But now the voting tech companies that have been slandered and slandered and whose corporate reputations have been effectively destroyed as a result of these election fraud lies are firing back with billions of dollar lawsuits and hints of further developments. As a result, withdrawals from Trump’s media ecosphere are quick and furious. Just on Tuesday, Newsmax interrupted Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, when he started complaining about the Dominion’s voting machines. One of the hosts then read a prepared statement claiming that Newsmax had seen no evidence of voting machine fraud and that the election was fair, legal and over. But no matter how much they want to convince opposition lawyers that they have corrected the record, Trumpist liars can never undo the damage they have caused.