England travel plans; Explore the attractions and diversity of England

If you are planning a trip to the UK, of course you will want to make a list of the places you want to go. England is another country, but happily, it is not a land issue which means you can stay in one place for your arrival and travel to different parts of the country. Southeast For most people, the south east is the starting point for going to England, at least because this is where our national airports and seaports come from. As a result, the South East is also home to the world-famous capital, London, clearly the # 1 among many tourist destinations. However, the southeast of England, and the east, offers many other attractions, including old houses, quality gardens, and beautiful cities. One of the most beautiful cities in the southeast is Canterbury, whose famous cathedral has attracted visitors for over 500 years. Rye is an example, where visitors can walk along the old road. paint and present themselves at the time of the film that used a hundred or more years ago. Rye also has many restaurants and is very nice and beautiful in a traditional English school where travelers can stay to relax and be able to enjoy English. the building makes it an ideal place for the south, where visitors can go to or down the coast of England. West to North London, the cities of Oxford and Cambridge are worth a visit. West and Central England In the west of England, as you know, it is associated with backyard life, which is practiced outdoors like surfing in Cornwall or walking in Dartmoor in toys is famous.