Facebook to start Kustomer as it challenges the business community

Facebook is managing executives for their initial purchase promises and security as a competition threat. But that did not stop the network from shutting down many companies. Facebook announced on Monday that it plans to acquire Kustomer, a customer relationship management platform, to help it build its e-commerce business. Customers valued Kustomer about $ 1 billion, saying two people understood the conversation. Kustomer, based in New York, has received nearly $ 170 million in investment, according to Crunchbase data. Customers, based on legal support, can provide customers and other customers with additional support for interaction with Facebook and other applications, such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger More than 175 million people contact the companies using WhatsApp, Facebook says. “Messaging provides the perfect customer and marketing experience for the business,” Dan Levy and Matt Idema, CEOs on Facebook and WhatsApp, said in a statement. Facebook announced the deal with the Federal Trade Commission and several states are preparing a lawsuit against the company for maintaining its power through the first merger of new competitors. The FTC and all state attorneys are expected to announce plans for litigation against the social network within a few days, many of the commenters said in the statement. These claims could target Facebook controlling social media by having $ 1 billion of Instagram in 2012 and $ 18 billion of WhatsApp purchased in 2014, they said. Companies do not compete on Facebook but they are very popular with billions of users. Electronic retailers, which will follow a $ 400 million acquisition by GIFhy Developer this year, could lead a review of the Facebook program.

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