Family Cries Out As Accident Victim Dissapears From Hospital

The family of an accident victim are on the lookout for him, following his disappearance, after he was reportedly driven to the hospital by an unknown man who volunteered to help with his bus.

The victim, Daniel Igwe was allegedly hit by a lady who refused to stop on Sunday 6th September 2020 at about 7:00pm along Ajah, Lekki Expressway and no one has been able to locate him since then.

Following the incidence, Daniel was driven to a nearby hospital where he was given first aid treatment and adviced to go to the general hospital for full treatment.

An unknown man then agreed to drive Daniel in his bus to a general hospital.

However, nothing has been heard from the man who reportedly took him to the hospital, neither has the family been able to locate Daniel after searching most of the general hospitals in Lagos.

Igwe’s family is soliciting for help in locating him.

Please if anyone has any information about his whereabouts, kindly contact us on any of the following numbers, 08123690880, 08035723257, 08165863478. Thanks.” A family source said