Finland is a country of extreme diversity – winter and autumn

Finland is a very different country – the winters and winters of gold and beautiful cities combine with the great desert. Will you enjoy when you go to Finland on these things. Christmas City Christmas is the most holiday season of the year for Finns, full of unique traditions and comfort, so it’s the perfect time to visit Finland. Get to know the Saint Lucia festival in Helsinki, one of the city’s pre-Christmas festivals, primarily for Swedish-speaking Finns, and use the world to skate on the city’s famous rock and roll or shop for art and care in St . Christmas product Thomas. You can also visit the cemetery in Helsinki, which is full of candles at Christmas Eve, or have dinner with a Finnish family. The best thing about celebrating Christmas in Finland is that you can see Santa Claus! Stop in the village of Santa Claus in Rovaniemi and meet a red-haired man in his office, and his herd of merchants and small helpers. Anyway, you don’t have to wait for Christmas to do because Santa Claus is open all year round. Castle of Snow and igloos Have you ever wondered what it looks like sleeping? Stay curious and spend the night in Finland, like one in Igloos Harriniva, where you can sleep on two layers of snow under a blanket. Overnight stay in Igloos of Kakslauttanen is also a must for couples as many have written for two. Even someone comes with a clean house, so you can check the Arctic sky – or even the Northern Lights – on your other side.