Fisher-Price targets nostalgia by selling ’90s-style toys to millennial parents like a game console and a mixtape of’ Lil Gamer ‘

Fisher-Price has announced three new retro-inspired toys for babies and toddlers. Toy maker Fisher-Price has just unveiled a range of retro toys that look like toddler versions of a boombox, mixtape, and handheld game console. According to Fisher-Price, baby and toddler toys were “inspired” by the 1980s, and by the 1990s current pop culture is all about nostalgia. “Millennials who grew up during this period are widely viewed by marketers as“ early nostalgia, ”as Digiday calls it, and brands aren’t afraid to take advantage of this feeling. The game console toy “Lil Gamer” even has an illuminated display, buttons and a simulation game cassette. In November, KFC brought back vintage buckets, and in January, Burger King returned to a 20-year-old logo with a few updates for 2021. In October, Tanya Dua reported that brands like Chips Ahoy and AT&T reported old mascots to attract customers and provide comfort during the pandemic. UK media agency The7stars and market research firm YouGov have found that the rate at which people feel nostalgic for the past is increasing, so the nostalgic time may be closer to the present.