France captures Italian more than 160 youngster assaults, attacks

An Italian has been captured in France on a warrant gave by Germany, where he is needed on 160 checks of assault or rape of his little girl and different minors, police told AFP on Friday.

The 52-year-old was captured on an European warrant last Friday south of Strasbourg close to the German outskirt for the supposed violations submitted over a 14-year time frame beginning in 2000.

Germany has 122 open examinations against him, said France’s BNRF criminal following unit.

The Italian is blamed for having assaulted his own little girl for a time of around 10 years beginning in 2000. He is affirmed to have done likewise, over a similar period, with the minor little girls of an alternate accomplice.

“He worked in his different family circles,” said the BNRF.

German police cautioned the BNRF toward the beginning of October that the needed man had fled from Germany to Alsace in eastern France.

He was captured at an accomplice’s home in Rumersheim-Le-Haut, south of Strasbourg.

The man is being held in jail in close by Colmar to be given over to German specialists, the BNRF said.

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