Have you been thinking of when to quit your job? Here’s how and when to do it

There must have been days when you bitterly left your office and promised to send yourself a farewell letter soon. A bad day at work is an occasional common phenomenon.

But how do you find out if it’s a general frustration or is now the time to say goodbye to this job? Follow your gut; they are unlikely to make mistakes in such situations. If you’ve started to hate your work deeply, forget about grabbing it and start looking for new opportunities instead.

If you are unsure of your choice, focus on the thoughts, feelings, and current situation in your life to see if it is time to stop.

People from most countries around the world spend more time working with their colleagues than with their family and friends.

So continuing to work that doesn’t meet your needs, provides enough challenge, or rewards you in any way is a huge waste of time and effectively dampens your life and energy.

Whether you should quit your job can be a difficult debate. Whatever reason you wanted to quit, you are not alone.

Many leave work after a hard struggle, and we have a connection with professionals from such different industries to hear their message. Here are seven red flags you should look for when pointed out by professionals.

2 warning signs that you should leave behind.

1. You definitely hate going to the office No one wants to travel to the office after spending a great holiday or the day after a birthday. These are definitely some of the real reasons why you don’t want to go to the office. However, according to Thomas MacNeil, Technical Director of ESalon, if you want to skip work all the time, it means that you are no longer interested in your concert. It’s high time you send a farewell letter if the thought of waking up the next day at work makes you anxious.

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2. You spend more time on everything other than work. Sometimes postponement is a common thing, whether you’re at work or a student. We all browse Facebook or Reddit to reduce boredom.

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