HEC eiffel scholarship in developing countries

Important Information: The Eiffel Scholarship School was started on January 1, 1999 by the Minister of Government of France (Minister des Affaires Etrangères), to support universities in France and abroad. Abroad, during a competition to attract foreign students. grow among developed countries. Occupation: HEC Paris and French Students: Master of and Business Administration (MBA) Number of assistance: unknown. Purpose: Benefits of Developing / Available Countries: The Eiffel Scholarship offers approximately $ 100,100 per month, and includes other costs including travel programs, health and cultural insurance. Reading books does not include books.

If applicable: • Only eligible agency staff (Applicable) may register for this course. • Candidates aged 30 years or older • Non-French suspects (applicants in two countries, one of which is French, are not invited). Procedure: Only recipients will be used for this process.

The deadline is one week to sign up. It is important to visit the official website (link below) for full details on how to register for this process.

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