Hitchin Leisure Servicing now offers MOTs to motorhome owners

Hitchin Leisure Servicing is based in Hertfordshire; they have been offering MOT services for motorhomes and caravans for many years. They have a purpose-built approved specialist workshop to carry out all MOT and repair services.

Hitchin Leisure Servicing has been serving customers for over 40 years throughout the Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Cambridgeshire areas.

Does a motorhome need an MOT? If a Motorhome is three years old, it will require an MOT to keep it roadworthy and safe. A motorhome will need an MOT test for Class 4 vehicles. In addition to a yearly MOT, the owner will need to have the living area of a Motorhome serviced annually, which will usually be done in an approved workshop or by a specialist motorhome dealer.

How often does a motorhome need a habitation check? Habitation checks for a Motorhome or caravan are required every year. A habitation check is an inspection of the living parts of a caravan, Motorhome, or leisure vehicle.

A habitation check on a vehicle will take approximately 3 hours to complete. During the habitation check, the technicians and engineers will check the following; it will ensure that the vehicle is free from damp, has no gas, electric, ventilation, water issues. Checks will be carried out on the windows and the door security of a Motorhome or caravan.

A habitation check is essential; for example, by checking the gas supply, the engineer will find any problems that the motorhome might have, this can include leaks in the pipes. A carbon monoxide check will also be conducted. The water supply and lines are checked for any bacteria and blockages.

During the damp inspection, the mechanic will check the Motorhome for any water ingress; this is where all doors, windows and sunroofs must fit properly, especially around the seals. The most crucial benefit is peace of mind, a homeowner would not want to live in a home with a gas leak or unsafe electrics, so why would the motorhome owner want to travel in a motorhome if it was dangerous.

What class of vehicle is a motorhome? Motorhomes or Campervans tend to fall under one of three categories, and these are classes A, B or C. Class A vehicles are not classified as campervans, but as motorhomes. For MOT purposes a motorhome is Class 4 vehicles.

What is included in a Motorhome MOT? A Motorhome MOT will consist of a full inspection of the underside of the vehicle. A complete examination and check are also carried out on the steering, steering rack, suspension, bearings, driveshafts, front suspension and springs.

The mechanic will also thoroughly test the suspension arms, torsion bars, rear suspension and bearings, shock absorbers and much more. The engineer will also thoroughly inspect the wheels, tyres, lights, the exhaust for an emissions test. A qualified mechanic will give the owner all the information required regarding the motorhomes MOT. After the completion of the MOT, the owner will be given a certificate. All if any faults will be listed for more information