How To Post On Instagram From Your Desktop

Yes, you may now publish posts directly from your computer, which has been a long time coming. There’s no need to waste time editing photos on your phone, emailing them to your phone, and then posting them to Instagram. At least for certain users. Desktop publishing, like other new features, is being phased in over time, so don’t get too excited if you don’t have it now.

Meanwhile, I’ll show you how to post Instagram photos from your computer so you’ll be ready when the feature launches.

  • Use a computer to access your Instagram account.
  • Between the messages and the browse icon, click the + icon (plus icon).
  • Drag and drop your post or select it from the computer’s file explorer by clicking Select from computer.
  • You can crop your image to 1: 1, 4: 5, or 16: 9 ratios, and video posts can be under a minute long.
  • To modify the post, go to the upper right corner of the screen and click next.
  • To improve the appearance, select a filter and then click Settings.
  • After adding a title, tags, location, and other details, click Next again, then Share to publish your article.

What Does Desktop Publishing Mean to Artists?

Social media administrators and content developers will like the desktop publishing capability. This is the reason.

To produce content that makes people stop scrolling, creators require top-of-the-line tools. The ability to add customized text, remove backdrops, overlay photos, modify movies, and more is crucial, but the app lacks it. As a result, many users rely on third-party apps and web tools to improve their work.

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After hours of editing, the last thing they want to do is go from device to device simply to post. Not to mention that if you catch a bug right before hitting Quota, the whole thing starts over.

This functionality enhances user workflow dramatically, freeing up time and energy for other initiatives. Users will still have to use the mobile app to publish reels and stories, but it’s a huge step forward!

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