Hutton Brickyards reimagines 73 acres of Riverside Hudson Valley history

The brickyards’ heroic covered pavilions create outdoor entertainment hubs, ensconcing visitors in effortless Hudson Valley style at monumental scale directly on the Hudson River.

This year, the Hudson Valley’s sweeping vistas and crackling creative energy are whispering to New Yorkers like never before. The region has been discovered and rediscovered for decades, fueled in waves by an art-world exodus and the allure of real estate between mountain and glen. In some corners, traces of the Hudson Valley’s industrial roots and Gilded Age philosophy have all but vanished. In this spirit of restoration and possibility, Hutton Brickyards rises on the Kingston, NY waterfront. The region’s last architecturally intact brick manufactory sits upon 73 acres of rolling hills and lush meadows, with industrial structures soaring skyward on the majestic Hudson River. Though the final bricks were fired here in the 1970s, the site is primed for its next chapter. In 2021, Hutton Brickyards will be reborn as a rambling, imaginative new hotel, spa, restaurant and events retreat.

The 2021 launch is a partnership between Salt Hotels and Karl Slovin, who purchased the Brickyards 7 years ago. Following Slovin’s multimillion-dollar restoration, the site has operated as an event space for acts like Bob Dylan, makers’ markets like Field & Supply and private weddings.

The brickyards’ heroic covered pavilions create outdoor entertainment hubs, ensconcing visitors in effortless Hudson Valley style at monumental scale directly on the Hudson River.

We are delighted to be partnering with Karl on this historic and stunning project, said David Bowd, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Salt Hotels.The Hudson Valley is a perfect environment for our integrated approach to hospitality, and Hutton Brickyards is truly peerless in terms of location, character and opportunity.

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Perched on an expanse of uninterrupted waterfront, Hutton Brickyards features panoramic views of the Hudson River. From this vantage point, guests see nearby beach access points for recreation and enjoy sightlines to a former Astor estate. In view of the Rhinecliff Amtrak station, Hutton makes an easy trip for New Yorkers seeking a respite from the city. Next year, guests will come by seaplane, helicopter, boat, train or car – experiencing a romantic sense of arrival. The hotel will initially feature 25 guest cabins and suites, thoughtfully designed to optimize privacy and water views. For guests, outdoor recreation and indoor luxury are conveyed through casually elegant surroundings, with nostalgic touches and a timeless upstate attitude. The grounds pay tribute to Hutton’s architectural vernacular, New York State’s Industrial past, and Slovin’s revival ethic. The studio of Kristina Dousharm Architecture designed the 300 square foot cabins , and collaborated on interiors with Salt Hotels’ Chief Creative Officer Kevin O’Shea.The cabins cut a striking profile against the landscape – referencing the craftsman tradition through KDA’s modern, sculptural reinterpretation,said O’Shea.Their river-facing sides are all glass, spotlighting the spectacular river views. Our design direction is textural, understated luxury, borrowing inspiration from the Shaker aesthetic. Ultimately, guests will enjoy a strong connection to nature with the luxury touchpoints of an urban boutique hotel.

The sprawling campus will feature whimsical invitations to fun: an archery range, croquet lawn, firepits and bicycles. Opportunities for hikes, guided kayak experiences, paddle-boarding, running, outdoor yoga, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, bee-keeping and more abound in the neighboring wilderness and water. While a delivery cart meanders down a cabin path, guests may raise a woven flag to signal a room service request. The effect is a retreat detached from everyday stresses, which invites guests to experience a genuine sense of place.

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Elements of escapism, childhood and country life appear everywhere, as if by surprise. The theme of natural abundance is explored through wildflower cutting gardens, an apiary and vegetable farming. To experience Hutton is to witness each stroke of inspiration reveal itself, step by step.

Hutton Brickyards is rapidly establishing itself as a one-of-a-kind venue. The site imbues the carefully curated events with character and historical context for a distinct, immersive experience.This bucolic spot on the river has served as home to Indigenous Peoples, early European settlers and literally created the building blocks of New York City for over 100 years,Slovin says. “It has been a great pleasure to organically reimagine the property’s next chapter while preserving its amazing history.

Karl Slovin has allowed space for the personality and programming of the property to reveal itself over time. He says,The project will continue to evolve for the next decade, but I believe we can be very valuable in helping Kingston continue to develop as a center for food, arts and culture. With the addition of a hotel offering there is no doubt Hutton Brickyards will be very impactful for the Kingston economy and perhaps the region.