I tried a new $ 1500 home fitness system called the Peloton for Boxing – this is what it looked like

The Liteboxer is a home boxing system called “Boxing Platoon”. For many during the pandemic, visits to the neighborhood gym have been replaced with online exercise videos or home fitness equipment. I recently had the opportunity to try out new home equipment designed to replace personal boxing lessons: the liteboxer. The company offers on-demand virtual boxing classes with professional trainers so you can burn calories and exercise while you weave your way through popular songs. The $ 1,495 kit includes gloves and comes with a “bath,” which is essentially a durable flat panel display with six evenly spaced circles, three on top and three on the bottom, to represent an opponent. As you practice, these circles will light up to indicate where and when to hit them, similar to a vertical version of Dance Dance Revolution. Even though the product has just been launched

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