Immigration to Canada as a Heavy-Duty Mechanic

One of the most in-demand occupations in Canada right now is heavy-duty equipment mechanics. So if you have this skill and you wish to immigrate, live, and work in Canada, then eventually become a permanent resident then you are in luck. One of the best ways to quickly move to Canada is by applying for jobs that are highly in-demand in Canada, and this is surely one of those occupations.

Because this occupation is so highly in-demand, you are able to apply for Canadian permanent residence, even without a job offer. So many provinces are looking to bring immigrants who have different skills needed to fill in certain jobs that have a labor shortage in the province. These provinces have introduced special programs under their Provincial Program that would enable them to attract foreigners who fit the vacant job profiles to their province.

What Are The Duties of Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanics?

This occupation most especially in Canada requires that do overall maintenance of equipment used in construction companies, transportation, forestry, mining, oil and gas, material handling, landscaping, land clearing, farming, and similar activities.

As A Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanic you Perform the Following Task

You are responsible for repairing heavy-duty equipment such as cranes, graders, mining equipment, etc.

Maintain the machines and ensure that they function properly. This means you’d have lubricating them, clean and get them ready for use

Change faulty machine parts with new ones and be able to detect faults on the machine when needed.

Ensure that the repaired machines are functioning properly, else you should be able to diagnose faulty machine parts using a computer and other known testing equipment.

Below Are the Different Jobs That Fall Under Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanic

Agricultural Equipment Technician

Apprentice Farm Equipment Mechanic

Apprentice Farm Machinery Mechanic

Backhoe Mechanic

Caterpillar Tractor Repairer

Construction Equipment Mechanic

Construction Equipment Repairman/Woman

Crane Repairer

Crane Service Technician

Diesel Engine Mechanic

Diesel Engine Mechanic – Heavy Equipment

Diesel Engine Mechanic Apprentice

Diesel Engine Repairman/Woman – Railway

Diesel Locomotive Repairman/Woman

Diesel Mechanic

Diesel Mechanic – Heavy Equipment

Diesel Mechanic Apprentice

Dredge Mechanic

Dredge Repairer

Earthmoving Equipment Mechanic

Excavating Equipment Mechanic

Farm Equipment Mechanic

Farm Equipment Technician

Farm Machinery Mechanic

Farm Machinery Wheelwright

Farm Tractor Mechanic

Farm Tractor Repairer

Felling Equipment Mechanic

Fuel Injection Unit Servicer – Diesel

Grading Equipment Mechanic

Heavy Diesel Engine Mechanic

Heavy Equipment Combination Mechanic

Heavy Equipment Field Mechanic

Heavy Equipment Inspector-Repairer

Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Heavy Equipment Mechanic – Diesel Engine

Heavy Mobile Equipment Repairer

Heavy Mobile Equipment Repairman/Woman

Heavy Mobile Logging Equipment Mechanic

Heavy Mobile Mining Equipment Mechanic

Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanic

Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanic Apprentice

Heavy-Duty Equipment Technician

Heavy-Duty Equipment Technician Apprentice

Journeyman/Woman Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanic

Locomotive Mechanic

Mine Locomotive Repairman/Woman

Mobile Farm Equipment Mechanic

Mobile Farm Machinery Repairer

Mobile Logging Equipment Mechanic

Mobile Mining Equipment Mechanic

Paving Equipment Mechanic

Power Shovel Mechanic

Repairer Mechanic

Sideboom Mechanic

Tractor Mechanic

How to Immigrate to Canada As A Heavy-Duty Mechanic

If you already have working experience as a heavy-duty equipment mechanic, then this is the best time and opportunity to become a Canadian immigrant or permanent resident. Considering the horrors from the pandemic the entire world just went through, in which the Canadian labor force was most affected. The shortage of laborers especially in this occupation opens new opportunities for you.

Steps to Take in other to Migrate to Canada

Gather the required documents needed to apply for a work visa in Canada, these may include but not limited to:

Proof that you completed secondary school or higher educational achievement.

Show proof of at least 3 to 5 years of works experience.

Decide on which province you wish to immigrate to and find out if your skill is in-demand.

Choose a program for you. There are so many programs which you can use to move to Canada for in-demand jobs example The Canadian Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Program, and Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, etc.