International Admission Scholarships to Lakehead University in Canada

Scholarship Description: Lakehead University International Entrance Scholarships in Canada 2018-2019 are open to international students. The scholarship enables undergraduate courses in all subjects taught at Lakehead University. The grant period is. Scholarship Description: Lakehead University is requesting scholarship applications for undergraduate students. These scholarships are available to top international students applying to Lakehead University for the 2018-2019 period. About the University: Lakehead University is a public research university with locations in Thunder Bay and Orillia, Ontario, Canada. Lakehead University, abbreviated as “Lakehead U” or “LU”, is not denominational and has provincial support. Graduation: Scholarships are available for the undergraduate program. Subject available: Scholarships are awarded for subjects offered by the university. Scholarship Benefits: Academic Average (Canadian Equivalent) – Total Scholarships 4 (in Canadian Dollars) 90.0% + – $ 30,000 (7,500 x 4 years) 1 80.0% – 89.9% – $ 20,000 (5,000 x 4 years) 2 75.0% – 79.9% – $ 4,000 ($ 4,000 first year only) 3 Number of Grants: There are four grants available. Eligibility: Non-Canadian citizens joining Lakehead University from high school or transferring from international college or university will be eligible for student scholarships.

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