Is the telegram safe? Here’s what you need to know about the messaging app that rivals WhatsApp and Signal

Telegram is a secure option for messaging because of several features, although there are weaker areas in its overall security compared to other messaging apps. Privacy concerns about sharing data with Facebook have driven a large number of WhatsApp users to other chat platforms like Telegram, which reached 500 million new active users this month. However, this begs the question: is the telegram secure? Fortunately, from features like encrypted cloud storage to self-destructing messages that sound like something out of a spy movie, the answer is usually yes. Here you can find more information about what these measures mean, how they protect Telegram, and where it lacks compared to some of its larger competitors. Telegram uses encryption, but not as often as some platforms. In contrast to its competitor Signal, Telegramm does not apply end-to-end encryption to messages by default, which prevents messages intercepted by third parties from being interpreted.