It will be a different world’: Boris Johnson predicts return of large gatherings by summer

Coronavirus vaccines and testing will allow the return of “normal” large events by the summer, Boris Johnson has predicted.

Speaking during an online event in which he took questions from the public, the prime minister said he believed it would soon be a “different world”.

“If you’re thinking about the summer, I think you’ll be alright,” he told a wedding venue manager, who was concerned about the lack of state financial support for her businesses.

“It’s my strong hope and belief that by the summer, one way or the other, whether by vaccination, which I hope and believe we’ll have delivered by Easter, or by lateral flow testing, we’ll be in a different world.

“My hope is by summer it really will be a different world for the weddings and events industry. I hope that your potential customers will be full of confidence and optimism as well and will be getting hitched in the normal way.

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