Jordan: Student sets himself ablaze because of college’s refusal to defer installment cutoff time

Dubai: A Jordanian understudy set himself ablaze at a private college grounds in Jordan, nearby media revealed yesterday.

As per witnesses, the purpose for the episode was because of the college the executives’ refusal to meet the understudy so as to delay installment cutoff times.

Security administrations and common guard staff hurried to the scene and moved the youngster to the clinic.

The Ministry of Higher Education said they are following up looking into the issue at Al Isra University and mentioned insights concerning the occurrence from the leader of the college.

“The episode is a perilous marker that we should investigate the intentions behind it and work to forestall the repeat of comparative occasions later on”, the service said.

The understudy was quickly shipped to Al Bashir Hospital and afterward to the Farah Burns Department in Al-Hussein Medical City,