Joseph Safra, a wealthy Brazilian businessman, has died

Lebanese banker Joseph Safra, Brazil’s richest man, died Thursday at the age of 82 of his tree, his home said. Safra, who has a net worth of $ 23.2 billion, ranks 63rd on Forbes’s list of the best of the best. Born in 1938 in a Lebanese Jewish home in Beirut, he and his family moved to Brazil, where his father founded the Banco Safra in 1962, and his children moved in with their father. , someone died of malnutrition following him. Do your flash drive as a matter of sleep, an exciting activity for 25. Safra is the same person for the task at hand who helps a person aka, explain the news about the matter in an emotional experience, then will be the official translator of Pinooteca of Sao Paulo, one of the oldest museums in Brazil.