KAAD scholarship for developing countries

Important Description: KAAD graduates are addressed to undergraduates and alumni who are already interested in high school training (or high school research) ) in Germany. Guest link (s): German University and Higher Education University: No subject defined. However, alternatives are often selected for favorites and titles that they deem important to the applicant community. Number of Scholarships: Unknown Objective: I am a selected citizen or selected country in Africa, Asia, the Middle East or Latin America. It is beneficial to Catholic seekers.

Practical Study / Includes: Not Appropriate Qualification: For Program 1 of KAAD you can use: • From developing countries or coming from Africa, Asia, Middle East or Latin America

• university and professional experience from your home country

• want to get a degree or PhD from a German university or do postgraduate study (2-6 months for university professors) and a German university

• is a Catholic church (or in all the churches of Christ). Intermediaries from other faiths can be used if Catholic officials represent them and are able to demonstrate their involvement in the discussion.

• Obtain German language skills before the start of the study (KAAD can provide a maximum language program. 6 months in German).

The general rule is that those applying for a Scholarship must be at least 30 years old, while those applying for a PhD should not be older than 35. Application guidelines: KAAD working focus- and the countries living in the area are members of the City Council

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