Kelver Hartley Stock Exchange in French Actions

Scholarship Description: The Kelver Hartley French Equity Scholarship is open to international students. The scholarship enables undergraduate degrees in all subjects taught at Newcastle University. The scholarship period ends on August 9, 2021. The Kelver Hartley French Equity Scholarship is aimed at sponsoring a Newcastle University student majoring in French who is at an educational disadvantage. The Kelver Hartley Legacy was created from the estate of Professor Kelver Hartley, the first French professor at the University of Newcastle. Kelver Hayward Hartley (1909-1988) was Professor of French at Newcastle University from 1965 to 1969. During his long career as a secondary and university teacher, he was loved by generations of teachers. and its sweet eccentricity of character. His $ 2 million legacy to Newcastle University offers multiple student scholarships and awards each year to help students continue their French studies in Australia and abroad. Graduation: The Kelver Hartley French Equity Scholarship is available for undergraduate programs at Newcastle University. Available Subjects: The following subjects are available as part of this scholarship program. All Topics Scholarship Benefits: The scholarship offers a total of $ 4,000 in earnings that will be paid out as a lump sum after the respective census date. Eligible Nationalities: Enrolled University Student Eligibility Criteria: To apply for this scholarship, you must meet the following criteria: You must be enrolled in any year of a Bachelor’s degree from Newcastle University. Specialize in French. Point out the effects of personal circumstances such as: B. Caregivers, single parents, financial hardship, English language difficulties, Australian Aboriginal people, long-term health problems or the effects of abuse, disability, refugee status, regional / remote disadvantage. Not be the recipient of any other Newcastle University sponsored or sponsored scholarship.

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