Marie Currie International Students Scholarship

Brief explanation: Honorary class explorers from third countries get jobs in Europe. This helps develop support research between Europe and other parts of the world – for the benefit for all people. The upcoming Marie Curie international curriculum is a great example of encouraging the community.

Hospitality Company: A university, research institution or company in the European Union. Analysis: All scientific and technical aspects related to the EU may receive IIF funding.

But there’s one thing: those who study EURATOM contracts can’t make money. Number of Scholarships: No Special Focus Group: Researchers from developing countries collaborate across Europe and around the world.

This research project will help you reach your goals. Provides financial support for 12-24 months (time period). Business Reprehensive will help you: • Join a group of unscrupulous researchers in Europe • build relationships through research with your laboratory or country. Your IIF can also cover back up to a year.

This will apply to your community using the experience gained. To qualify for the Bali Program, you must be a member of the Alliance. If you need a remote control, you will need to add the details to the original application. You need to inform the supervisors in your community.

Eligible are: • Researchers from third countries who are IIF qualified. This means non-EU countries or allied countries.

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