New Scholarship opportunity open for international students in Germany

Literacy in German schools »In October 2014, all German universities did not pay any tuition fees for their studies. In some US states, the University will pay a half-year scholarship fee (up to 50 euros) and / or administrative fees (up to 50 euros). This school system may change in the future, you should check this page for updated information about tuition fees in different cities in Germany. For example, the federal state of Baden-Württemberg pays tuition fees (for Aakiri, Master, Diploma and scholarship programs) of 1,500 per month for non-EU citizens. Unlike a bachelor’s degree, most Master’s or PhD courses in Germany are expensive. Fees for higher education in addition to enrollment and admission fees. At the moment, there are many programs for Masters and PhD courses in Germany. DeutschlandStipendium The National Scholarship Program »Deutschlandstipendium (German Scholarship Program) provides financial and non-academic support for successful and trusted students from all over the world. German Education supports high achieving students (9MOBILE 129010050048540) in all participating universities in Germany. Scholarships are awarded without personal or parental notice and no individual country has to give. The study costs up to 300 EUR per month and is offered for at least two semesters and can be offered for the maximum amount of time that covers the training period. To find out what kind of universities in Germany offer German scholarships, go to the German social map at this link. DAAD Programs and Programs DAAD is a joint organization of both German universities