Numerous scholarships for students in the region

The deadlines for many student scholarships in Muskingum County are approaching. Scholarship Central, through the Muskingum County Community Foundation, announced a series of scholarships with deadlines to be applied for in March. Heather Sands, director of grant management at MCCF, says the scholarships are available to a wide variety of potential students, from high school graduates to adults looking to change careers. In recent years, scholarships have also been made available to those who wish to study or learn a profession in schools such as the Middle East. Many of the scholarships listed below were given by members of the community in memory of deceased family members or friends. On-site, students will be told that an hour of application could earn more than $ 1,000. “The time they spend now applying for scholarships and the effort they put in will make a huge difference,” Sands said. “We are very fortunate to have so many student scholarships available in Muskingum County.” All applications can be made on the Muskingum County Community Foundation website.

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