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The goal of this scholarship program is to find and retrain nursing and medical professionals. The scholarships are intended to assist more students reasonably train for a career in nursing given that New York State has over 9,300 opportunities for registered nurses. It will be possible for students to finish their studies on a flexible schedule, whether they choose to study full- or part-time.

Additionally, the regional SUNY Educational Opportunity Centers are offering opportunities for entry-level nursing certifications in high demand, such as Certified Nursing Assistant, Licensed Practical Nurse, and Nursing Home Aide. The state Labor Department will promote these new opportunities to existing and unemployed workers.

“The epidemic has brought into sharp light the need to increase treatment capacity across our health care system, and growing the pipeline of diverse, trained registered nurses is a vital component of that proposal,” CUNY Chancellor FĂ©lix V. Matos Rodriguez stated. The next generation of nursing professionals will be trained by CUNY.

Following the recent establishment of the Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences at Binghamton University, the new nursing scholarship program was just announced. More than 70 fully approved undergraduate and graduate nursing degree programs are offered by SUNY colleges and universities around New York, along with 17 distinct nursing qualifications ranging from home health aide to doctoral and advanced certificates. At 14 CUNY institutions, including nursing programs at senior and community colleges, more than 50 advanced nursing credit-bearing certificate and degree programs, including LPN, Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral programs (DNP and Ph.D.), graduate 1,800 students annually.

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The start of the “Nurses For Our Future” application session was announced by Governor Kathy Hochul. The scholarship will pay the tuition costs for 1,000 new or existing healthcare professionals to pursue an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing (ADN or BSN) at a two-year or four-year public college or university in the state of New York.

According to Hochul, “New York’s nurses have been fighting the COVID-19 pandemic on the front lines for the last two years, and we owe each and every one of them a debt of gratitude.” The “Nurses for Our Future” scholarship will provide a crucial chance for the following generation of nurses to pursue a top-notch education and make sure they are ready to assist in protecting their fellow New Yorkers when they are most needed as we continue to battle the virus.

The COVID-19 epidemic has caused a labor shortage and a significant increase in patient volume in hospitals. A move taken to recruit and retrain nursing and healthcare professionals to work in NYSRNs, which are most in need, is the “Nurses for Our Future” scholarship program. In this state, there are now over 9,300 opportunities for registered nurses. The grant will allow 1,000 extra students to enroll in SUNY or CUNY’s nursing programs. Both part-time and full-time students will be able to finish their degrees on a flexible timetable.

“Nurses have always been the cornerstone of our state’s health care system, a fact that has become especially obvious since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak,” stated Pat Kane, R.N., executive director of NYSNA. I want to express my gratitude to Gov. Hochul’s administration for recognizing their contribution, providing this scholarship, and expanding the chance for current and future health care professionals to gain the knowledge and abilities necessary to provide better services to the residents of New York State.

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Up to 500 scholarships will be given to licensed nurses from other states who move to practice in New York and pursue a BSN, 250 to licensed nurses from the state of New York who pursue a BSN, and 250 to new residents of the state of New York who are pursuing an ADN.

For four semesters of full-time study, scholarships will pay the actual tuition that the public institution or university charges. Scholarships do not cover other costs of attendance, such as fees, lodging and board, or other expenses. Awards are prorated for recipients who enroll part-time.

This initiative will encourage New Yorkers working in the healthcare industry to upgrade their skills and further their education through the SUNY or CUNY systems.

Nursing and healthcare workers will be recruited and retrained under the SUNY and CUNY-run “Nurses for Our Future” program, with tuition fully paid. The New York State Department of Labor will also aid in promoting fresh opportunities in the healthcare sector to people already employed in it or looking for job.

Additionally, the New York State Department of Labor will assist in promoting these new opportunities to both employed and unemployed workers, including those provided by regional SUNY Educational Opportunity Centers for high-demand entry-level nursing certifications like certified nursing assistant, licensed practical nurse, and nursing home aide.

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