Olivia Munn on growing up an outsider and the superpowers she wants to have

It sucks to be different, particularly if you’re young and still coming to terms with confusing notions of identity and the need for acceptance in a world that discriminates against people it doesn’t understand.

In “The Rook,” the eight-episode series that began streaming on HBO Go last Jan. 18 and airs new episodes every Monday, lovely American actress Olivia Munn plays Monica Reed, an operative from the US Bureau of Variant Affairs (BVA) who arrives in London to investigate the death of her estranged lover Marcus Kevler (Luke Roberts).

Monica was lured to the case after Myfanwy Thomas aka The Rook (Emma Greenwell) woke up on the Millennium Bridge surrounded by dead bodies, including Marcus but with her memory of the incident and her identity inexplicably erased!

To gain access to the ensuing investigation, the lone American agent is forced to collaborate with members of the Checquy, the paranormal division of the British Secret Service made up of mutants with supernatural abilities.

Along with Home Minister Jennifer Birch (Gina McKee), Myfanwy’s mentor Linda Farrier (Joely Richardson), Conrad Grantchester (Adrian Lester), Ingrid Woodhouse (Ruth Madeley), Claudia Clifton (Eleanor Matsuura) and the bizarre four bodies with one consciousness quadruplet collectively called Gestalt (Jon Fletcher, Catherine Steadman and Ronan Raftery), Monica keeps Myfanwy company as they bring together seemingly disparate pieces of the befuddling puzzle surrounding the latter’s memory loss.