Oman enters into ‘ground line decision’ and will provide a special ‘shot in the arm’ trip

The announcement of the evacuation of 103 citizens from immigration documents to the Sultanate for 10 days preached not only in Oman but also across the region, and in many places abroad. Philippe Georgiou, a former consultant at the Ministry of Travel of Oman, said it was an important step to allow citizens of 103 countries to obtain passports to travel to Oman, because it is an important step in leveraging the system through ‘focus on travel. Georgiou said, “We should provide guests with more facilities in the future, including longer stays to enjoy the country as an unrestricted hospitality in the country.” “The more time they spend, the more they spend travel expenses, which in turn increases travel and the national economy. Oman is not an expensive place, nor is it an expensive place. While Oman has high stakes like Alila, Anantara and Ritz Carlton, cheaper options are also available with more to come. ”