Pierre Elliot’s doctoral scholarship (Fully funded)

Important Note: At every bridge, the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation grants up to 15 scholarships to doctors in Canada in collaboration with other physicians and tests for personal well-being and change. Connecting Visitors (s): Univeristies Canada Graduation Special / Dream: The best course of this educational, educational program is the best of the best. On the other hand, only a few are in the area. , do citizens understand, Canada spans the world around people ha ha habitat. Wisdom: Up to 15 Targets: Citizenship of Canada and the like for new students about value / culture / time: Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship offers $ 40,000 for three years; up to $ 20,000 per year for three years (read exclusively on trips), to be citizens of the Scientific community in others, Mentors, in groups, are they all leaders and exercise in part and in part; spend training value training sites in spend Mentors and Fellows. You may not have access to an architecture for the full range of facts.

Eligibility is: • Undergraduate students have received either a year, two, or three full-time social programs or work-related skills related to one of four foundations: Human rights and dignity; City Respib; Canada and the world; and People in Their Environment • Canadians, or in a Canadian company or in an international company • Up to 25% of high school students in one year may be non-Canadian ( permanent residents or foreigners) enrolled in doctoral programs in Canadian institutions. Procedures: Application is currently closed. Students will apply through the Portal at Their enrollment corresponds to their school. Each university has its own selection process to determine who will evaluate their institution for the curriculum. Please contact your university to learn about your selection process and closing time. 2019 Pierre Elliott Trudeau Scholarship Competition opens on 3 December 2018. Each university has its own time to select the students who will be selected for the program. The deadline for the university to submit their application to the Foundation is 22 February 2019. It is important to visit the official website (link below) to get the application form and full details on how to used for scholarship a.

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