Places in Denmark your guide doesn’t know about

Known as “the happiest place on earth” – sorry Disney, the Danes have the research to prove it – this Scandinavian hotspot is great fun, food and fabulousness. However, if you are stuck in a guidebook or tourist website, you may be missing out on the best of Denmark. Leave the lonely planet behind and fasten your seat belts as you take a trip to places in Denmark your guide knows absolutely nothing about. Bjoernoe To be chosen from this island would certainly be a disappointment as it is one of the most beautiful secrets of the Danish landscape. Denmark is of course partially surrounded by water and dozens of small islands line the coast. But Bijoernoe, an archipelago, offers families, lovers and those seeking peace a beautiful sanctuary. This tiny island off Faaborg in Denmark was once a safe haven for smugglers and freedom fighters during World War II. However, now it offers camping, bed and breakfast, and a few other amenities for the picky tourist. Oh, and it’s a toad sanctuary. Location: Faaborg is a two hour drive from Copenhagen Airport and the island is a short ferry ride away. Egeskov Castle For family fun, each guide lists Tivoli Gardens, a famous amusement park and garden in Copenhagen. try Egeskov Castle. Egeskov is open from May 1st to October 4th this year and has parks, museums, camping, a playground and even mazes. And of course there is the castle. Egeskov Castle, completed in 1554, is “the best preserved moat in Europe”, according to the press. It has more than 66 rooms, 200 windows, 171 doors and four mazes. Imagine this outdated structure in Egeskov owns a bioenergy company that makes sustainable energy products including wood materials. Location: Kvaerndrup is approximately two hours from Copenhagen Airport. Egeskov Castle is Egeskov Gade 18 5772 Kværndrup