Postdoctoral fellowships from Dalhousie University in Canada

Scholarship Description: Dalhousie University Canada 2018 Postdoctoral Scholarships are open to international students. The scholarship enables postdoctoral programs in business administration, math, law, molecular biology, engineering, biochemistry, architecture, agriculture, and biotechnology taught at Dalhousie University. The grant period is. Scholarship Description: The Izaak Walton Killam Postdoctoral Fellowships are available immediately from the Department of Philosophy at Dalhousie University in Canada. These scholarships are awarded annually to Dalhousie University graduates who have excellent academic research capacities in all disciplines. Izaak Walton Killam’s postdoctoral fellowship program aims to attract young graduates (within the last two years) with superior research capacities to Dalhousie University and to enable fellows to establish themselves as productive members of the academic community. About the University: Dalhousie University is internationally recognized as one of the most welcoming universities in North America. We were founded in 1818 and are one of the oldest universities in Canada. They attract over 18,800 students from around the world. The university combines transformative university programs with groundbreaking research on the east coast of Canada. Graduation: A scholarship is available for a postdoctoral program.

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