Reasons Why You’re Nervous About Getting A Job

So while the fear of job search is a real thing for many people, you can’t let it ruin your career. If you find that you’re so nervous about a new job that you’re having trouble getting your wheels spinning to start your job search, it may be time to face your fears.

After all, time does not go the other way. Why spend so much time feeling unsatisfied, unchallenged, underpaid, and unappreciated?

Read on for three reasons why you might be afraid of getting a job, as well as ideas on how you can overcome your fears.

1. Are you afraid you will let your current employer hang “What are they doing without me?” you wonder. If you are a dedicated employee, the idea is to disappoint your boss or leave him empty-handed during a busy time. Loyalty to an employer is admirable, but what about loyalty to your career? You need to look for your interests and career development. Meet your fears: Do your best until the last minute of your employment. This way, you go out with the confidence that you gave everything to this job every single day.

2. You are what you do Many people are afraid of getting a new job because their identity and inherent values ​​are related to their current job. Of course, the thought of moving to a new job can feel like changing your identity, and it can be as distracting as looking in the mirror and seeing someone else’s face instead of yours. But remember: your job is what you do, not necessarily who you are. Meet your fears: Understand yourself better before you take the leap. Get to know your strengths and ask yourself how you can and want to influence the organization. An easy way to take advantage of this is to practice self-strengthening. You are much more than a professional title. You are a complex, diverse person with interests, broader qualities, and diverse skills.

3. Are you worried that you might hate your new job Nervous about a new job because of the unknown? Well, it’s true that the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know – right? Even if you hate your current job, who can say you wouldn’t be even worse elsewhere? When your job is boring, it’s easy to assume it’s just a way of working: long working days, annoying tutors, demanding clients. But when things are in the trash, listen to the logic and look for something better.

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